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Accordion is a program that emulates this musical instrument on your computer
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Accordion is a program that will emulate this musical instrument on your computer.
You will be able to play an accordion by pressing keys on your keyboard. The program will synthesize the proper sounds through your sound card´s MIDI interface, and you will hear that sound through your speakers.

Accordion can emulate another 127 midi instruments. You will find several types of guitars, drums, organs, pianos, strings and brasses between the available instruments, and even helicopters, sea waves and gunshots sounds.

The program can use F/Bb/Eb, G/C/F, A/D/G, C#/D/G or B/C/C# keys. It can also reverse buttons. A sliding control will allow you to adjust the volume while you are playing your preferred instrument. When using the Accordion in B/C/C#, the twelve bass buttons will play unisonic bass notes. The space bar will function as the bellows of the accordion. You can also use the escape key, CTRL or the ALT key as the bellows.

Accordion is a wonderful emulation program. There is also a Mac version available.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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